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Human energy is one of the most precious commodities on earth, and there’s rarely enough go around. The national coffee bar craze is proof that we live in an age of super-achieving alertness, and those who snooze often suffer for it. Fortunately a natural and nontoxic stimulus is close at hand. When you need peak performance, music can arouse your body, speed up your brain waves, and fill you with the electric energy of sound.Listening to it can help you with:
- Wake Up: Stimulates your autonomic nervous system to speed up your vital signs.
- Performance and Confrontations: Gears up activity in muscles, nerves, and neural networks; clears your mind of fear.
- Competition and Negotiations: Induces positive victory mood; stokes aggression; primes reflexes for quick decisions.
- Recharge Breaks: Restarts the muscular, nervous, and cardiac functions that slow down when you’re fatigue.
- Exercise and Physical Work: Increase blood flow and electrical activity in muscles; entrains your muscle and mind; enhances motivation.
- Thrills: Gives physical and emotional thrills; excites your nervous system.